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Getreu dem Motto: Technische Innovation, Forschung, Innovationsmanagement und Transformation  baut und verbessert das Unternehmen Ferdinand seine Kernwettbewerbsfähigkeit. Es fordert die innovative Kerntechnik und Produktinnovation und wird schließlich ein hochwertiger Brand.


Data:2013-04-01   Print   

Ferdinand piano is unsurpassable for it is regard as the third famous piano in the world according to :《Piano Appreciation Manual


Ferdinand Manufacture features:

As Germany's top series Mercedes-Benz Maybach is not widely known as one of Germany top levels. Ferdinand is the extreme luxury brand in the world. Germany Ferdinand is famous fort the world's production of high-end pianos, musical instruments and audio system kernel. It’s headquartered in Mannheim, Germany.



Germany Ferdinand company become a high-end instrument brandthrough the implementation of the "scientific and technological innovation, research innovation, control innovation and transformation", which composed of high-end management, build and enhance the core competitiveness of piano to promote the core technology innovation and product innovation.






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